E A R T H    P R O G R A M   

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The Earth Program are a Chicago based alternative art rock band, regarded for their unique cross-genre music styling's and multi-media concert performances. The "fictional" Earth Program story line, which coincides with live performances, takes place in a dystopic abandoned amusement park themed universe known as Obbityville. These antic filled adventures generally find The Programmers in the midst of an ongoing battle against their greatest archenemy to date, a deranged green skinned mad scientist tv host named, Dr. Mondo.


"A grungy sounding outfit that pulsates with an updated garage sound. Tempos are up and hooks rain down from the ceiling. This is a band to watch for very good reason" Chicago Tribune

"The Earth Program has really stepped it up with the details, but still maintains their own, truly unique sound. And with bands like Polysics inviting them to be the opening act, The Earth Program is about to blow the roof off the Chicago music scene." LoudLoopPress

"More than just a band, The Earth Program is a unique multimedia psychedelic experience. Quirky enough to appeal to fans of artsy indie rock, their debut album, INVADE! also has the sloid catchy hooks to reel in classic pop fans and new wave punk pop junkies among us." David Bash - International Pop Overthrow

"Where to begin with Earth Program? One of the most unique, quirky, and unbelievably solid bands in Chicago’s scene, Earth Program is something that everyone can love ... Earth Program displays many faces and is constantly taking listeners on a ride. Stage antics are a must for Earth Program. If it’s not costumes, then it’s wild dancing and stomping. It’s captivating and relentless and wonderful."

"Earth Program's first album Invade was almost my album of the year. It's so well done and so well thought out it seems like it was made by a much older band who has been experimenting for years. It's great to know that there's good smart odd rockers still out there ready to take over the mantle bands like Oingo Boingo or the Talking Heads dropped back in the 80s. Earth Program is not only a shining light for Chicago music, but music in general." Ian Minor - After Hours

“After only a few minutes into the album, I feel as though I am floating. The Earth Program's debut album "INVADE!" resonates the way my favorite bands did back in the 90's. Music back then made me dance not only because it sounded good, but because it understood me better than anyone else.
This is a rare and special find.” Jacquie - Perfect Avocado

““If you’ve never heard of Earth Program, you’re missing out. Their sound is hard to classify as they play a unique brand of indie pop, post-punk and psychedelic surf rock with lots of reverb, revved-up guitar riffs and garage-y vocals.” Richard Giraldi - LoudLoopPress

"...Invade! demonstrates that you can make a good album that is a lot of fun...Tracks range from the experimental (Keeneecheewaa) to pop-punk (Pink Pit [reprise]) to damn good (Mawkish)
and everything in between." Dadada - The Dadada

"...I mean, just listen to "Eat Your Makeup," ok? Earth Program is pop enough to be bearable and strange enough to keep things interesting. Sounds like a fine time to be 20ish in Chicago." Joe Cislo - 3hive

““Sarcastic at times, original all the time. The Earth Program steps out of the mainstream into their own realm. The world needs more bands like Earth Program.” Twaddle Magazine

"A welcome relief after all the drivel that comes out of the radio otherwise." Annah Hackett - The Phoenix