E A R T H    P R O G R A M   

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Earth Program is about to blow the roof off the Chicago music scene. LOUD LOOP PRESS

A grungy sounding outfit that pulsates with an updated garage sound.  Tempos are up & hooks rain down from the ceiling. CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Best New Band of the Year: Earth Program- Invade!

Earth Program's first album Invade was almost my album of the year. It's so well done and so well thought out it seems like it was made by a much older band who has been experimenting for years. It's great to know that there's good smart odd rockers still out there ready to take over the mantle bands like Oingo Boingo or theTalking Heads dropped back in the 80s. Earth Program is not only a shining light for Chicago music, but music in general. - Ian M. AFTER HOURS
Where to begin with Earth Program? One of the most unique, quirky, and unbelievably solid bands in Chicago’s scene, Earth Program is something that everyone can love. Although they describe their music as post-punk/indie pop, I would have to say they are a little more complex than that. They start with loads of reverb on the microphones with vocals that sound Perry Farrel-esque (only with more insanity) and then add in a little psychedelic surf rock for kicks. They continue by screaming, “You really don’t like me” at the audience. Earth Program displays many faces and is constantly taking listeners on a ride. Stage antics are a must for Earth Program. If it’s not costumes, then it’s wild dancing and stomping. It’s captivating and relentless and wonderful.  LOUD LOOP PRESS
After only a few minutes into the album, I feel as though I am floating.
The Earth Program's debut album "INVADE!" resonates the way my favorite bands did back in the 90's. Music back then made me dance not only because it sounded good, but because it understood me better than anyone else. This is a rare and special find.  

Describing themselves as a "cross-genre, multimedia band", The Earth Program reminds me of Sonic Youth, Sick Bees, Polaris, and The Pixies. These are heavy comparisons to make; I say with sincerity that this band has earned them. In a nutshell, I would describe them as bittersweet alternative rock with well-timed effects.

Listening to this album really throws me off. I can't help but reminisce about my teenage years when I should be concentrating on more important aspects, such as melody, cadence, and influence. Nevermind, I'm sixteen again! I've met the love of my life! No one in the history of the world has ever felt the intense love I feel right now!

Ahem. My favorite song is "Greeny", which demonstrates the best of everyone's abilities. "The Mind & The Matter" reminds me of The Beatles' tracks played backwards ("cranberry sauce"). "Stay Tuned" is the last track and also the heaviest of the album. I like this direction.  If you're looking for a listening experience that is both fun and skilled, with a high chance of reminiscence, look no further than "INVADE!".  - THE PERFECT AVOCADO

This year, I have been very fortunate in finding good free releases from bands willing to take chance and bank on their performances.  Rather than release a bunch of demos, many recording artists are putting forth quality artistic efforts for free, and these are hooking audiences and expanding awareness of their work. The Earth Program’s Invade! continues this trend. I would describe the Chicago-based band’s debut LP as spacey, psychedelic punk.  Tracks range from the experimental (Keeneecheewaa) to pop-punk (Pink Pit [reprise]) to damn good (Mawkish) and everything in between.  They even include a hidden track at about 10:58 on the 13th track, Stay Tuned.  I am not typically enamored with what is labeled as pop-punk, but I really enjoyed this recording.   Much along the line of the new Hot Rats  and MGMT releases, Invade! demonstrates that you can make a good album that is a lot of fun.  So give it a try, I bet you won’t regret it. VERDICT: 3.75/5 - THE DADADA